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A Look Inside The Tent

The tent has been set up in my studio for about 3 weeks now and I have made it nice and cozy inside with a small mattress pad, sleeping bag, blankets, pillows, and last but not least white Christmas lights! I'm sure there will be more decorating. I'm thinking little hanging triangle flags cut from my box of fabrics and strung about both in and outside of the tent. I've spent some quality solo time inside relaxing, writing, chatting on the phone, meditating, emoting & processing. I've also had 3 different friends pass some time with me in the tent. My first visitor and I watched crazy weird short animation films and chatted, mostly about ourselves and our lives because what else is there to talk about? One of my good friends has come on several occasions. She called me the other day, "Jaelah, are you at your studio? I'm coming over to go in your tent." Yes ma'am...

So far it has been called Tent Time, the Tent Project, Tent Talks, the Tent of Tears, and "Oh my god, get me out of this fucking tent!".

*Point of Interest: the 2 quotations above are from 1 individual.

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