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DEATH || a funeral happening

To be re-born, one must first die. Go beyond body, without environment, outside of time to seek a Truth that can be introduced only in its departure. Death, a funeral happening, is a self-prescribed ritual of authentically invested action(s) and non-action where intention incarnates, where will crystallizes into form. Distillation through dissolution, an alchemical transmutation from past to present. A cure for the Self. The last cupcake, if you will.


an experiential installation & ritual ceremony 

by Jaelah Kuehmichel


in collaboration with A.R. Rogers, Jenni Jones, Sebastien Coles, and kb Thomason


April 25, 2014   Home of the Deceased   unofficial Fusebox Festival   Austin, TX

The original photo & video documentation of Death was unfortunately destroyed.

These photos were recovered from the phones of those in attendance and edited by the deceased.

copyright & design Jaelahfad





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