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Originally from Wisconsin, Jaelah landed in Austin, Texas after her return from Peace Corps service in West Africa in 2010. With a BFA in Painting she has evolved into an interdisciplinary artist without boundary between medium. For her the magic lies in the adventure of the process, the discovery of the unknown. Curiosity propels her to play mad scientist and passion admonishes her to create novel and memorable experiences for herself and those who interact with her work. Authentic connection is increasingly paramount in her life, business and art.


In the realm of design Jaelah utilizes her fine attention to detail and aesthetic finesse to craft bold, beautiful, and effective communication platforms that best express the unique flavor of each client. She loves working with people who are passionate about what they do and strongly desire to share their gifts with the world. 


She savors sweet everythings and will live to be 94 years old.

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